Rā 51, Rāhina 20 o Huitānguru 2017

Morning working at home then off to Rotorua for Whānau hui tomorrow. Worked in the Airbnb accommodation for a couple of hours before escaping for a walk around Tikitapu with Renée, followed by a quick dip. Found a place along the shoreline to do a handstand – another stunning backdrop. It was hot and humid but the smell of the forest is so refreshing. Plenty of birdsong and the cicadas were almost deafening. 

Rā 50, Rātapu 19 o Huitānguru 2017

Too wet for our planned walk so we diverted to Wairongomai to find trails. I am fascinated by the way that nature reclaims spaces that were ravaged by industrial engineering. Less than a hundred and fifty years later only remnants of the goldrush of New Zealand are half buried in the beautiful bush.  Leaving us to marvel at the labour that must have gone into exploring the land and extracting the gold. 

We climbed two ‘inclines’ – Butler’s and May which were originally the tramway up which heavy iron and wood carts were hauled and lowered full of what had been extracted from the mines. 

Today’s photo shows the winding gear at the top of Butler’s Incline.

Rā 49, Rāhoroi 18 o Huitānguru 2017

Early morning oxfam trailwalk training in the arboretum. We went round and round for a couple of hours! Chooks rule the roost at Taitua and we came across plenty of hens with chicks. Enjoyed the display put on by two swans too as they danced their dance of love! A traditional photo in the climbing tree and, of course, a handstand. This time in the stone circle. 

Think this is my pick of the day…

Rā 46, Rāapa 15 o Huitānguru 2017

A long day today and I could be negative and post the photo of my AirNZ app telling me my plane was delayed by an hour (which then turned out to be an hour and a half!).  But I had a beautiful start to the day with a walk up to the Botanics to see the sun rise over the city.  We came back down through the Old Settler’s cemetery. One day I’ll go there when I am not in a rush to explore further. It’s a fascinating place.


Rā 43, Rātapu 12 o Huitānguru 2017

Bikewise Hamilton today at Innes Common. I helped out No Boring Bits to run a skills course for kids. Had a go on a penny farthing which was an interesting experience. Relatively easy to get on, feels quite sedate cycling around once you get used to it, but dismounting is a little more difficult. I think I pedalled round using one leg whilst searching for the foot rest for at least one circuit before finding it, much to the amusement of the rest of the NBB crew! 

The uses to which one can put a bicycle know no bounds; cycle a smoothie; cycle art; and cycling to power a sewing machine!